Pendle witch

Lancaster Castle many years ago,
the court rooms did put on a show.

Up Pendle Hill it was such a hike
to find the tower of Demdike.

Was she a witch?
We’ll never know.
Could she do magic?
Or was it a show?

August 1612 was the day in court,
throwing her life away and held
in the Well Tower for months on end;
sending poor Demdike around the bend.

Her grand-daughter, only nine
had her time to shine.
Jumping on the witness stand
and sending ten to hang.

Pointing the finger at all her clan,
was the court just an almighty sham?
It did not matter that fateful day
for in the end twelve did pay.

Sdrawkacb no seohs

Sdrawkacb no seohs

by Mark Quinn

If I put my shoes on backwards
what would the world be?
Would the world spin opposite to you and me?

If I turned on the switch,
would the light go off?
If I blew my nose,
would it give me a cough?

If I turned on the cold tap,
would hot water flow?
If I dampened somebody’s spirit,
would they then glow?

If I turned off the gas and lit a match,
would it blow?
If I broke my car,
would it then go?

This could happen, its all ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’,
so I’ll keep my shoes on the right way
thank you very much!

Someday we’ll understand


Someday we’ll understand: The story of the Doris Burton fishing trawler is a true story about a fishing trawler that set out into the North Sea in November 1914 and was never heard from again. To this day nobody knows exactly what happened to it._20180712_135001392318849.jpg

I have been working on this story for the last 2 years and I am so proud of how it has turned out.

If you’re intrigued then please go and have a look on Amazon. It is available on Kindle or in paperback, you won’t be disappointed and I would really appreciate your support.

Thank you and happy reading!

I did the garden

Today I did the gardening a different way;
I used a knife and fork to cut down the trees,
and a wooden spoon to support my knees.
I cleaned out the hive for the bumblebees.
I pulled out the weeds with a set of pearl beeds,
then, whilst on my head, I planted more seeds.

I trimmed down the hedge with next door’s dog,
then brushed up the leaves with an old wooden log.
I turned over the soil with a roll of tin foil,
then switched on the kettle and watched it boil.
I had a nice cup of tea whilst sat up a tree.

I told you I did the gardening a different way, I told you so,
I told you today.


As I ate my breakfast this morning I was sat outside in the yarden listening to the sounds of nature and munching on my toast and chickpeas while the sound of gulls filled the sky.
When I was a child you only ever heard that sound by the seaside, now they have come inland, so I started to think, while I had my coffee to drink…

In fifty years from now you will have sparrowgulls,
smaller version of the big seagulls.
If you’re walking outside with a bag of chips,
four or five will come down to attack you,
pecking away at your head and hands.
Years have gone since they looked for crabs in the sand,
pigeons will have fled.
There might even be a comeback for Right Said Fred,
whilst I have sparrowgulls pecking at my head.
You can not go outside without a hat placed on your head,
just in case of a sparrowgull attack.
They will have claws that stick in your back
and more and more people will have heart attacks.

I ask you all, what is worse…
a sparrowgull on your head or a comeback from Right Said Fred?

Positive man



The positive man stands tall,
he will not fall,
he takes the right steps and makes the right moves;
yes that is the positive man.

The negative man is yesterday’s man,
not in the mood,
doesn’t want to move;
yes that is the negative man.

The positive man gets the early worm,
makes the right choice
and scores his goal then cheers with delight.

The negative man walks in a slump,
looks down to the floor and cannot score,
he hits the post then falls to his knees.

The positive man can see ahead,
he has a plan in his head.
He writes his goals down in his pad
and yes, he can be sad,
but the positive man loves to live
and will give all to make his mark.

The negative sees no path ahead,
and his goals are rattling about in his head;
and when he is sad, he makes it worse
and can see no point in the universe.

tHe FuNky jUngLe

If elephants wore lipstick,
what would it be like?
If the seahorse laughed at the lions joke,
and the snakes and spiders all drank coke?
If the monkeys danced whilst playing the flute,
and then told the poodle, you’ll never be vicious you’re just too cute!
Then the ants started tap dancing, that was a sight,
the crocodile wore heels and then started a fight!
The hyena started laughing whilst flying his kite,
while the lady giraffe looks sexy in black nylon tights;
the parrot stopped flying because he was scared of heights…
and all because the elephant wore lipstick on a Friday night!

Surfer dude

The surfer dude

He lives his life for the waves,
he lives his life to sunbathe;
he lives his life to have no hate,
he lives his life to fish with bait.
He lives his life with no stress,
he lives his life how he wants to dress;
he lives his life in his bubble,
he lives his life with no trouble.
He lives his life with no fear,
he lives his life full of cheer;
he lives his life to the full,
he lives his life, it’s never dull.

The surfer dude is relaxed and calm and resting under a shady palm.

So next time somebody is being rude, remember you’re a surfer dude.

Deadly sea

The trawler’s bobbin’ out in the sea,
the cabin boy waits to make the tea;
it’s dark and unforgiving, the deep North Sea.

The trawl is set,
overboard goes the net,
the trawlermen play cards for a penny a bet.

The otter boards open the net like a kite,
it’s a long hard trawl throughout the night.

The skipper sets the course,
the trawler heads west,
he’s been at it for years,
he knows best;
the men have worked hard and they need their rest.

The winch starts pulling the net from the deep,
the first mate is shattered he needs his sleep.

The cod end is opened,
the catch starts to pour;
crabs and herring all hit the floor.

Then a bang in the boiler room,
black smoke bellows out.
“Make for the small boat,” the skipper shouts.

Nine men in a dingy watch in shock,
the trawler is sinking,
they’re miles from dock.

The rain starts pouring,
the boat fills up,
the waves get bigger,
the men start to shiver.

Then without warning the boat begins to sink,
the men now know that death is on the brink.
What can they do?
They don’t know what to think…
then one by one they begin to sink.

The North Sea is dark,
it’s a grave to some of the best;
but at least now the nine will be at rest.



They bark, they purr, they run around,
they growl, meow and talk their sound.
You take them for a walk, they run around,
chase a mouse,
then make a mess around the house.

Their claws are sharp,
their teeth do bite,
balls of fur oh what a delight!
Your curtains get pulled,
your slippers get chewed,
oh my dear, they’ve gone and pooed!

You feed them wet,
you feed them dry,
they pull your trousers,
they claw your thigh.

You watch TV,
they sit on your knee,
you cannot move,
you cannot see,
then oh my dear, they have a pee!

What would you do without your friend?
You will walk and feed them till the end,
and all because,
they’re your furry friend.