Thank you

Tahkn oyu? T4@n£ /%u? Thank you.

That was for you, that was for me,
it was also for the man up the tree.
It was for the woman in the hole
and the striker who scores a goal.
It was meant for him who is about to sin,
and the lonely tramp looking in a bin.
It was meant for a child a dog and a cat
and even the little dirty rat.
So you can see it was meant for all,
so stand your ground and stand up tall.
Do not fight and do not brawl,
do not get on your hands and knees and crawl.
It was for the soldiers who fought for us,
it was for the heroes who died for us.
It was for you all, wherever you are,
it was for the people near and far.
So again, I thank you for being you,
and for playing your part on this earth too.

Footprint in the sand

You walk on the golden sand,
you leave your footprints behind.
Loving memories burn in your mind,
your natural beauty shines on your face; you are so kind.
You’re top of the human race.

This is the structure of what you’ve become;
the way you live, the way you give,
your spirit, and the way you love.
You’re a blessing in sweet disguise,
you really are a prize.

You should be proud of what you’ve become,
you challenge yourself,
you live your dreams,
you conquer your fears with very little tears.

You are the sun, the rain and the winter’s snow,
and on a dark night you just glow.
So stay as you are that shining star
and I just know, you will go far.


I got told this story a few years ago,
the man in question should be on Death Row.

Multiple killings and blood everywhere,
people would look and people would stare.

The slaughter would flow and his axe would blow,
blood poured down the gutters below.

A dozen bodies they found that week,
who IS this monstrous freak?

He will kill women and he will kill men,
he did kill nine, no wait, it was ten.

It comes about every two to three years,
his victims look on in floods of tears.

Look out of your window the time is near,
and believe me this, you should fear.

He will come for you, no questions asked,
you could be at the sharp end of his axe…


If wolves battered down your door
then knocked you to the floor;
leaving your nation battered and sore –
would you now lock your door?

Don’t let anyone in,
protect your homeland with a gun;
well that’s what happened with Kim Jong-un.

We should let them be,
let them be free,
maybe one day we will see;
there will be no bang,
just a party in Pyongyang.

They may have their problems and so do we,
we’re not always happy with joy and glee,
so let’s go to the demilitarised zone and plant a tree.

We can watch together as the tree grows tall,
see all the nuclear weapons fall.
The Korean peninsula will one day be one,
there will be no tears and be no bomb.

So let’s open our arms and hold out our hand
and shake on a deal, that will be for real.
Keep our world safe and drop the gun…
Come on Kim Jong-un.

Paris for my birthday

Saturday afternoon in Paris,
rushing for our plane.
We hit the sights one by one
whilst hopping on the train.

The sun is shining hot in the sky
there’s not a spot of rain.
I hope we make it to the airport
for our two ‘o’ clock plane.

Time goes so quickly,
we’re at the airport and feel so sickly.
We catch our flight just in time.
And now for a rhyme within a rhyme…

“AirFrance you are the best.
Complimentary drinks and the rest.
You fly so high, you beat the rest.
We enjoyed the flight you are the best.”

We arrive in Manchester
in just over an hour.
We go though customs with speed,
such power.

We jump in a cab,
this trip has been FAB.
33 hours we have been away,
but now we’re back home and here to stay.

Our trip to Paris was one to remember.
It was for my 50th, the 14th of September.
We saw the Tower the windmill and more,
now my wife’s feet are so very sore.
At the end of the day the trip was a thrill,
Paris, the city, you are just brill.

We will be back to enjoy the Seine,
even in the pouring rain.

The man that walked a million miles

The man that walks a million miles
has on his face a thousand smiles.
His body burns from head to toe,
his muscles burn and his tendons glow.

The man that walks a million miles,
his life is full of turmoil and trials,
that’s the man that walks a million miles;
but he keeps a thousand smiles.

His life is hard but he doesn’t moan,
because in his mind he sits on a throne.
That is the man that walks a million miles.

He never gives in,
he never moans aloud;
his voice is too calm.
He will never shout;
that is the man that walks a million miles.



With my birthday just a day and a few hours away, I wanted to pass on some very interesting facts for the birthday boys or girls who share the same day as myself.

~We have slept for 6,087 days or 16 years and we have been on this planet for 438,240 hours.
~Yes you have guessed it correctly we are 26,294,400 minutes old!
~We were born in mid-September on a Saturday.
~We are Virgos and we are always very open-minded and we are constantly thinking, analysing and striving to better ourselves.
~Our birthstone is the Sapphire and it’s energies protect us from envy and harm.

This is for anyone else who was born with the same name as myself – Mark.
~It was number seven on the list of ‘most popular baby names’ in 1968.
~It is a polite, strong and emotional name and in the United States there have been a total of 1,356,156 males named Mark and 4,490 females.
~Our birth flower is Aster – I personally have never heard of it.

In the age range of 39-57 years old we were part of Generation X.
Time Period: 1961-1979.

Some facts are…

~Generation X grew up right at the start of the technological revolution.
~We are considered comfortable with technology, but not tethered to it as younger generations may seem.
~Generation X were born soon after the ‘baby boomers’ and are associated with the ‘hippie era’.
~They are often perceived as directionless and disaffected.

~Baseball player Denny McLain, who played for the Detroit Tigers back in 1968, ran his 30th victory of the season.
~USSR’s Zond 5 launched on it’s first circum lunar flight.

Last but not least is the title to this blog – it is the Roman Numerals for 9-14-1968.

Happy Birthday to you all.
Love Mark Quinn.


We have cats,
five at that,
they live in our house
with a toy mouse.

They keep us going,
they keep us alive,
that is why
we have five.

Bramley Apples is our first,
she can run with a burst.
All black and can attack,
three single strands of white hair
and her green eyes have a hypnotic stare.

Next in line is our little swine,
Branston Pickles is his name,
he keeps all the girls on their game.
Tabby and white is his fur
and he has a lovely purr.

Then comes Ginger Nut,
her bell-bell is the best;
full of fur, it beats the rest.
She sleeps in the bathroom within the towels,
then when it’s dark she’s on the prowl.

Then the twins, Thelma and Louise;
and believe me they are a tease.
Thelma is a tabby and white,
she always jumps out and gives me a fright.
Louise is a black and white,
she can scratch and she can bite;
but only in play I must add,
and she never makes us sad.

Our furry family give us joy;
four girls and a boy.


If I was a bird I would fly so high,
I would fly that high I would hit the sky.

I could pass people by,

because I would be that high.
If only I could fly…

If I was a mole I would live in a hole,
underneath the busy street.
I would munch on many a treat
and be way under the marching of feet.

If I was a monkey, I would live in the trees
and swing along with such ease.
I would eat the fruits that fall from above,
and give the trees all my love.

If I was a snake I would slither along
whilst singing a happy song.
My heart would be full of glee
and very grateful for all I could see.

I am a man who feels all above,
in my heart is so much love.
I can be what I want to be
and in my soul I feel so free.