With my birthday just a day and a few hours away, I wanted to pass on some very interesting facts for the birthday boys or girls who share the same day as myself.

~We have slept for 6,087 days or 16 years and we have been on this planet for 438,240 hours.
~Yes you have guessed it correctly we are 26,294,400 minutes old!
~We were born in mid-September on a Saturday.
~We are Virgos and we are always very open-minded and we are constantly thinking, analysing and striving to better ourselves.
~Our birthstone is the Sapphire and it’s energies protect us from envy and harm.

This is for anyone else who was born with the same name as myself – Mark.
~It was number seven on the list of ‘most popular baby names’ in 1968.
~It is a polite, strong and emotional name and in the United States there have been a total of 1,356,156 males named Mark and 4,490 females.
~Our birth flower is Aster – I personally have never heard of it.

In the age range of 39-57 years old we were part of Generation X.
Time Period: 1961-1979.

Some facts are…

~Generation X grew up right at the start of the technological revolution.
~We are considered comfortable with technology, but not tethered to it as younger generations may seem.
~Generation X were born soon after the ‘baby boomers’ and are associated with the ‘hippie era’.
~They are often perceived as directionless and disaffected.

~Baseball player Denny McLain, who played for the Detroit Tigers back in 1968, ran his 30th victory of the season.
~USSR’s Zond 5 launched on it’s first circum lunar flight.

Last but not least is the title to this blog – it is the Roman Numerals for 9-14-1968.

Happy Birthday to you all.
Love Mark Quinn.

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Mark Quinn has always been creative. A strong desire to fulfill a childhood dream is what spurred him on to write and publish his first book back in 2013. He lives in Manchester, England with his wife and furry friends. He is active in charity work and supports a variety of local causes. Mark’s wish is to entertain and amuse people with his stories, taking them out of their normal surroundings for just a brief time while they absorb his imagination through his writing. Happy reading! www.bookmarkquinn.com www.bookmarkquinn.uk

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