You, only you…

Don’t blame your parents for the way you act;
they gave you a body, now that’s a fact.
Your mind is your own of endless powers.
You’ve been in the making for as long as time,
and if not yet, your time will shine.

Be yourself and don’t be hard;
you are what you are, you have come far.
So shoulders straight and head up high,
don’t be negative say goodbye.

Positive motivation is what you need;
what you become is what you feed.
Live your life with no regrets,
no hard feeling or heated threats.
Let your soul be free
and be happy with loads of glee.

Published by


Mark Quinn has always been creative. A strong desire to fulfill a childhood dream is what spurred him on to write and publish his first book back in 2013. He lives in Manchester, England with his wife and furry friends. He is active in charity work and supports a variety of local causes. Mark’s wish is to entertain and amuse people with his stories, taking them out of their normal surroundings for just a brief time while they absorb his imagination through his writing. Happy reading!

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