I did the garden

Today I did the gardening a different way;
I used a knife and fork to cut down the trees,
and a wooden spoon to support my knees.
I cleaned out the hive for the bumblebees.
I pulled out the weeds with a set of pearl beeds,
then, whilst on my head, I planted more seeds.

I trimmed down the hedge with next door’s dog,
then brushed up the leaves with an old wooden log.
I turned over the soil with a roll of tin foil,
then switched on the kettle and watched it boil.
I had a nice cup of tea whilst sat up a tree.

I told you I did the gardening a different way, I told you so,
I told you today.

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Mark Quinn has always been creative. A strong desire to fulfill a childhood dream is what spurred him on to write and publish his first book back in 2013. He lives in Manchester, England with his wife and furry friends. He is active in charity work and supports a variety of local causes. Mark’s wish is to entertain and amuse people with his stories, taking them out of their normal surroundings for just a brief time while they absorb his imagination through his writing. Happy reading! www.bookmarkquinn.com www.bookmarkquinn.uk

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