True story

On the 21st November 1914 nine men set off on to the North Sea in a fishing trawler called Doris Burton. This trawler was never heard from again and there have only been tiny fragments of information recovered about it throughout the years. Families were left devastated and in despair. Children grew up without their fathers while their mothers had no explanations for them. This story is an assumption based on the facts that have been researched and listened to from the families of the lost men. Someday we’ll understand…

New book by Mark Quinn

The story of one man’s troubled and dark downfall.From anger and violence to hallucinations and hilarity.This is based on a true story – despite the madness that ensues, this did actually happen one lonely night.Depression and desperation are almost always lonely and isolating but every-so-often complete calamity and confusion go hand in hand with it too!Get ready to be taken on a ride of pure emotion and intrigue as Ged looks back through…The black book.

Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree 🎄

Christmas time is here again and you’ll have such a ball,
the Christmas tree stands tall and proud
in the living room or the hall.

The Christmas tree lights shine so bright,
you have to close your eyes real tight.

The tinsel hangs and the baubles dangle,
the candy canes are at an angle.

Your Christmas stocking hangs over the fireplace
swinging back and to.
You’ve just been playing snowball fights,
your fingers, oh so blue!

You enter the warmth of your home for hot chocolate and gingerbread,
just before a flying snowball hits you in the head.

Time is getting on, you must get ready for bed,
time to rest your tired feet and your weary head.

Santa Claus will be with you soon, placing gifts under your tree,
and when you wake in the morning you’ll be full of glee!

So have a happy holiday this year and have a drink with me,
and please remember to have fun and decorate your Christmas tree!

If I were a rainbow

If I were a rainbow what colour would I be?
Would I be blue like the sea?
Would I be green like a tree?

If I were a rainbow, would I have gold at the end?
Would I drive you around the bend?
You bet I would!

If I were a rainbow I would brighten up the sky, I would be that high.

If I were a rainbow I would have colours of yellow, pink and green;
I would be a mean machine.

If I were a rainbow I would have leprechauns guarding my treasure
and two unicorns for good measure.

If I were a rainbow I would need the sun and rain to shine;
But I know in the end, you would be mine.

Santa & You

The snow is falling outside the door
whilst the hot chocolate melts, then it will pour.

The tree is glistening colours of red and green,
and the gifts are wrapped so as not to be seen.

The candles are lit and looking so fine,
you look at the clock and notice the time.

You should be in bed and cuddled up to big ted,
because very soon the man in red will be putting more gifts at the end of your bed.

So don’t be naughty – no matter your age.
Never get angry or show any rage.

Be a good elf and get off to sleep,
Santa doesn’t want you to sneak a peek.

Sleep tight and all your dreams will come true,
and believe in Santa – because he believes in YOU.

The cooking kitten

If a cat could bake,
what would they make?
Would they make a carrot cake?
By using a garden rake?
Oh my, for goodness sake!

If a dog could fish,
would he use his dish
to catch the fish?
Or a snake? And would it hiss.

If a monkey could sing,
would it rap and wear bling?
Would the primate sing on stage?
Would he cause a rage?

If a goat could sail a boat,
would he keep it afloat?
Would he sail the seven seas
and go wherever he pleased?

Make your life strange and fun,
do not hide and do not run.
Stand and be heard.
Be proud and stand out from the herd.

Thank you

Tahkn oyu? T4@n£ /%u? Thank you.

That was for you, that was for me,
it was also for the man up the tree.
It was for the woman in the hole
and the striker who scores a goal.
It was meant for him who is about to sin,
and the lonely tramp looking in a bin.
It was meant for a child a dog and a cat
and even the little dirty rat.
So you can see it was meant for all,
so stand your ground and stand up tall.
Do not fight and do not brawl,
do not get on your hands and knees and crawl.
It was for the soldiers who fought for us,
it was for the heroes who died for us.
It was for you all, wherever you are,
it was for the people near and far.
So again, I thank you for being you,
and for playing your part on this earth too.

Footprint in the sand

You walk on the golden sand,
you leave your footprints behind.
Loving memories burn in your mind,
your natural beauty shines on your face; you are so kind.
You’re top of the human race.

This is the structure of what you’ve become;
the way you live, the way you give,
your spirit, and the way you love.
You’re a blessing in sweet disguise,
you really are a prize.

You should be proud of what you’ve become,
you challenge yourself,
you live your dreams,
you conquer your fears with very little tears.

You are the sun, the rain and the winter’s snow,
and on a dark night you just glow.
So stay as you are that shining star
and I just know, you will go far.