Man and a dog and a chicken called Rod


The Devil’s dance!

Devil’s dance!

Welcome to the Devil’s dance,
he will put you in a trance
and look at you with a devilish glance.

The Devil is here to dance with you
and all your friends can come too,
believe me, because it’s true!

Put together your best moves,
because he wears his dancing hooves.
He’ll swing you around so hold on tight
and by the end it will be a fright!

So welcome to the Devil’s dance… because you will not stand a chance!

Don’t let them in!

Don’t let them in!

The environment you’re in should be a positive one and keep you happy most of the time.
If it is not, then it’s a crime.
Don’t let them get inside your head!

The people you speak to should help you grow and not make you go slow.
Don’t let them get inside your head!

Do not let people drag you down and most of all make you frown.
Don’t let them get inside your head!

Be kind

Do chickens dream?
Do budgies scream?
Do cats like art?
And do dogs fart?!
Do rabbits snore?
Do eagles soar?
Do lions roar?
And do fish like apple core?
Do apes take a bath?
Do giraffes laugh?
Are most of the world’s zebras called Kath?
Our animal friends are becoming rare
and this world can be unfair,
so let’s be kind and let us care.
So pass the word and let us share.