The Kidney stone

The kidney stone

If a kidney stone could travel where would it go?
Would it catch a flight to Moscow?
Would it drink alcohol and then be silly in Chile?
Would it fly to Japan, Taiwan and then Sudan?
Would it travel around Spain on a train?
Then would it fly to Rome, before heading home?

Down in the dumps


Down in the dumps.

Smile, have you not?

Well not for a while.

You are not happy,

you sad, sad old chappy.

Having a bad time old boy?

Is life such a pain?

You feel like you’re going insane.

It’s not much fun being you,

but you have to stay true.

When your mind is like this

how you wish your life to be bliss.

But don’t you worry my son,

your time will come.

Work hard and it will be fun, and then

you’ll soon be on a home run.


The birds fly in the morning grey sky, they swirl and twirl in between the trees so high.

A black and white cat sits on a beige rug

drinking some milk from a handmade mug.

My fingers tap as I play my records; the tune gives a beat, it is a real treat.

The player’s needle is a must,

spinning around whilst collecting the dust.

The old man outside walks his dog,

as I watch rolling-in the mysterious fog.

It’s been a strange morning, this morning it’s been,

for open your eyes and see what can be seen.

Now lift your head up from out of your phone,

I tell you this once for please do not groan;

Life is too short for you to miss;

Life is just grand, life is just bliss.

Now jump on a bus or peddle your bike,

or go up a mountain for a good hike.

Just do something different to challenge your brain

and take your umbrella…

It’s starting to rain.

Two zero one nine


If you feel you’re not at your best,

and you feel you need to rest;

If you’re down but not yet out,

don’t stay down and miss the count.

If you feel like you’re trash,

come over here and graze our grass,

the grass is greener, the grass is lush.

In 2-0-1-9 you’re gonna have to push – you don’t want others to see you’ve become mush.

If you write, then write that bit more,

if your game is football you must score,

if you play golf then hit a four,

and if you’re a boxer, don’t hit the floor.

So set a higher line in 2-0-1-9,

because this is your year,

your year to shine.

Your next chapter is 2-0-1-9…

True story

On the 21st November 1914 nine men set off on to the North Sea in a fishing trawler called Doris Burton. This trawler was never heard from again and there have only been tiny fragments of information recovered about it throughout the years. Families were left devastated and in despair. Children grew up without their fathers while their mothers had no explanations for them. This story is an assumption based on the facts that have been researched and listened to from the families of the lost men. Someday we’ll understand…

New book by Mark Quinn

The story of one man’s troubled and dark downfall.From anger and violence to hallucinations and hilarity.This is based on a true story – despite the madness that ensues, this did actually happen one lonely night.Depression and desperation are almost always lonely and isolating but every-so-often complete calamity and confusion go hand in hand with it too!Get ready to be taken on a ride of pure emotion and intrigue as Ged looks back through…The black book.